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Talents Value

Organizational capability refers to the combat effectiveness of the entire team

  • Sustainable and embedded in the organization rather than the individual

    Sustainable and embedded in the organization rather than the individual

  • Create values to the customer

    Create values to the customer

  • Significantly surpass the competitor

    Significantly surpass the competitor

The organizational capability of the smart company needs a focus, which demonstrates 2-3 aspects as core competencies. The organizational capability also needs to be clearly defined, which aims to focus on development of those capabilities.

  • Employee Mindset

    Employee Mindset

    whether employees show their values, behaviors and engagement to match their organizational capabilities?

  • Employee Capability

    Employee Capability

    whether employees have knowledge/skills/qualification required for organizational capabilities?

  • Employee Governance

    Employee Governance

    whether the company can provide management support & resources, allowing employees to give full plays to their strengths?

3 dimensions to strengthen organizational capabilities

2 Principles for 3 dimensions to strengthen the organizational capabilities:
Balance - 3 dimensions to be equally strong;
Matching - focus of 3 dimensions to be aligned with the necessary organizational capabilities.
3 dimensions to strengthen organizational capabilities

Our Culture


Employee Development & Training

  • New Employee Orientation

    New Employee Orientation
  • General Management Skill Training

    General Management Skill Training
  • Professional Skills Training

    Professional Skills Training

Training System

  • On-site trainingOn-site training
  • Live-stream trainingLive-stream training
  • Lunch-time seminarLunch-time seminar
  • Offline salonOffline salon

Employee Welfare

  • Annual Leave
    Annual Leave
  •  Sick Leave
    Sick Leave
  •  Business Insurance
    Business Insurance
  •  Annual Outing
    Annual Outing
  •  Physical Examination
    Physical Examination
  •  Birthday Party
    Birthday Party
  •  Afternoon Team
    Afternoon Team
  •  Vacation Welfare
    Vacation Welfare
  •  Team Building
    Team Building
  •  Shuttle Bus#
    Shuttle Bus
  •  Employee Dormitory#
    Employee Dormitory
  •  Welfare Lunch#
    Welfare Lunch

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