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Talents Value

Organizational capability refers to the combat effectiveness of the entire team.

Sustainable and embedded in the organization rather than the individual

Create values to the customer

Significantly surpass the competitor

The organizational capability of the smart company needs a focus, which demonstrates 2-3 aspects as core competencies. The organizational capability also needs to be clearly defined, which aims to focus on development  of those capabilities.


Employee mindset: whether employees show their values, behaviors and engagement to match their organizational capabilities?


Employee capability: whether employees have knowledge/skills/qualification required for organizational capabilities?

Employee governance: whether the company can provide management support & resources, allowing employees to give full plays to their strengths?

3 dimensions to strengthen organizational capabilities:

2 Principles for 3 dimensions to strengthen the organizational capabilities:
*Balance - 3 dimensions to be equally strong
*Matching - focus of 3 dimensions to be aligned with the necessary organizational capabilities